Good Morning

Fueling up for yoga this morning on the deck. Chocolate & banana protein pancakes and spearmint tea. Pranayama in the fresh oxygen before the hot yoga studio.

1/2 cup of Wheat Free oats
3 eggs whites
Small teaspoon of stevia powder to taste (Krisda is my favourite)
Small teaspoon of organic cacao powder to taste
Any liquid you like to desired pancake batter consistency (I use coconut milk or h2O)
Topped with unsweetened shredded coconut and bananas

Add any protein powder you like to your pancakes, I’m not taking any supplements right now but adding a scoop of protein to your pancakes would suffice 🙂 you would probably need to add less stevia if your protein powder already comes sweetened


First Written Blog Entry

It is the beginning of July and this summer has been completely different than my summer’s in the past. It’s distinct for a couple of reasons.

  1. I’m unemployed, and not taking any school courses
  2. I’m practising yoga
  3. Discovering that free time is not always spent wisely
  4. And wanting/attempting to start writing

It’s been two full months since my spring semester at school ended and I’ve learnt that as much I would like to use that free time wisely, that is not always the case. However, I’m depending on this blog to perhaps hold me accountable. I’m not sure what I will be writing about or who will be reading but I know that blogging will not only help me improve my own writing skills but give me some valuable experience in the social media/writing/journalism world.  I’m hoping that I will post everyday and eventually develop a focus. I’m a 20 year old english student, with a strong passion for fitness, learning about the body-mind connection, and trying to grow up as gracefully as I can.