Cinnamon Spice Protein Waffles

I finally got a waffle iron to provide a little change up from my regular protein pancakes. Although is has been “interesting” to say the least, I have finally come up with the perfect batter technique. This cinnamon spice batter is perfect for chilly fall mornings or even lunch, snack & dinner.
I blended all my dry ingredients together: 1/2 cup of oats with 1 tsp of ground cinnamon and 1/2 tsp of All Spice, 1 tbsp of coconut palm sugar and 1 tsp of Stevia powder and 1/2 a scoop of protein powder (I use plain, but if you chose to use a sweetened powder make sure to add lea stevia/sugar)
After the dry ingredients I added half of 1 egg (including the yolk) and a little pure vanilla extract. This morning I had to add water to my batter because I didn’t have any coconut milk left! But you can substitute whatever liquid you prefer. I added just enough water so my batter wasn’t too thin or thick.
These waffles turned out perfect, the cinnamon/spice flavour with the sweetness was so delicious.

Tomorrow Is the First Day of Autumn

Each season in the year is extremely important, beautiful and amazing in it’s own way but my heart has always been with Autumn. Fall or Autumn, whatever you like to call it is most definitely my favourite season of the year. After adjusting to this new school semester I am ready to fully “fall” into Autumn and enjoy every moment. Reading this article on MindBodyGreen really helped me decipher why I am so in love with this season.

Though it is  most often associated with death – the trees are shedding it’s leaves -we are losing minutes of sunlight everyday and the temperature is dropping, somehow Autumn makes us feel so good. Whether it is the clothes we are bundling up in or the delicious comfort foods we are enjoying there is something very cozy, restful and warm-spirited about fall. Here are some of my favourite things I associate with Autumn and why you should enjoy them as well.


1) Chai Tea. I don’t drink this tea at any time of the year other than Fall/Winter. The warm, spicy taste brings me peace of mind and tastes amazing, whether it is plain or made into a latte. Ingredients such as black tea, cinnamon, cardamom, clove and ginger. These are great for digestion, filled with antioxidants not to mention the other billion benefits of cinnamon. Right now my favourite Chai would have to be the Organic Tazo Chai Tea.

2) Apples, Pears and the other many in-season produce. Autumn is the time of year when apples are in full abundance. Pears, Spinach, Sweet Potato, Squash. Some of the best seasonal dishes are made in Autumn, like apple pie.

3) Knitting. As the nights are getting longer I am absolutely not ashamed to come home from a long day of books, put my sweatpants on and knit. This is my time to relax, and maybe even make something. Knitting is my moment of peace and creativity. (Occasionally frustration) Not only do I love to knit but wearing knits in general, Autumn is all about bundling up in scarves, long socks, toques and comfy sweaters.

Salad in a Jar


I had about 15 minutes this morning eat breakfast and make lunch before I had to rush out the door for school. I figured it would be easy to toss a bunch of ingredients into a jar and call it a salad – so I did.

This is 1/2 cup of brown rice, along with some chopped spinach and all the fresh vegetables I could find in my fridge – tomatoes, green onion, green peppers, cucumbers and even some corn. This salad was not only extremely delicious but also very filling. Hopefully I didn’t get too many weird looks while trying to eat out of a mason jar.

Is Fitspiration the new Thinspiration?

Thinspiration provides images of women with “thin” figures. The purpose is to motivate women to become thin; the consequence of this however is often disordered eating, which is why social networks like Instagram have blocked tags such as #thinspo, etc. But could Thinspo’s new counterpart Fitspo be just as dangerous and damaging to women’s health?

There is no doubt fitspo is paved with good intentions. Women with fit bodies, flat stomachs, six-pack abs, well-shaped butts and arms are seen in images often with a catch phrase such as “strong is the new skinny” or “Complaining won’t burn calories”. And I will be the first to admit that I spent countless nights looking at this “fitspiration”, thinking that if I only worked a little harder in the gym I would have the perfect body, but was I really inspired?


I am a huge advocate for clean eating and exercising. However when it comes to women’s body image, I believe every woman should feel great in her own skin as long as she is healthy. I pass no judgment to my friends, and those I don’t know, who are followers of fitspo and I admire the dedication and passion it takes to build a fit physique. That being said, a person should not feel unhappy about their appearance because they don’t lift weights, practise yoga, or go for runs every week.

A part of me recognized that I wasn’t being inspired, in fact I realized I was only fixated on what I believed to be my flaws and became extremely critical of my body. It was the shame I felt that got me into the gym everyday, and I am confident that others have the same reaction as they go through their long feed of “fitspiration”.

How have we let images that promote low self-esteem be confused with inspiration? Although fitspo is suppose to be conducive to good health, all it has become is a hub for women to compare their bodies. It creates a new standard of what they believe they should look like to be happy, as if magazines, movies and television weren’t enough. Images of anorexic women can undoubtedly be defined as unhealthy; but it’s my opinion that constantly comparing your body to any shape or size negatively affects your self-esteem. The only standard any person should hold for their body is healthy and happy. Women need to properly educate themselves on nutrition and exercise to make decisions based what is best for their personal health and not base their well-being by a series of images we call “fitspiration”.

So, where do I find my fitness inspiration now?

  1. My parents. Between my dad waking up before 5 A.M. to get in his workout (-word on the street is that he is back to the weight of his football playing years) and my mom’s holistic approach to controlling her chronic pain, they both show serious commitment to their health.
  2. Professional bodybuilders. Angelica Kathleen, Bella Falconi, Karina Baymiller, Terica Messmer to name a few. They all show extreme dedication and diligence towards their fitness goals. And I enjoy watching their journeys unfold.
  3. Most importantly, myself. Practising yoga has helped me to remember how strong, capable and beautiful my body is. I remind myself constantly that I go to the gym not only to benefit my health but because I thoroughly enjoy it. I set goals for myself, and I look back at my accomplishments with pride.

Good Morning

Fueling up for yoga this morning on the deck. Chocolate & banana protein pancakes and spearmint tea. Pranayama in the fresh oxygen before the hot yoga studio.

1/2 cup of Wheat Free oats
3 eggs whites
Small teaspoon of stevia powder to taste (Krisda is my favourite)
Small teaspoon of organic cacao powder to taste
Any liquid you like to desired pancake batter consistency (I use coconut milk or h2O)
Topped with unsweetened shredded coconut and bananas

Add any protein powder you like to your pancakes, I’m not taking any supplements right now but adding a scoop of protein to your pancakes would suffice 🙂 you would probably need to add less stevia if your protein powder already comes sweetened

First Written Blog Entry

It is the beginning of July and this summer has been completely different than my summer’s in the past. It’s distinct for a couple of reasons.

  1. I’m unemployed, and not taking any school courses
  2. I’m practising yoga
  3. Discovering that free time is not always spent wisely
  4. And wanting/attempting to start writing

It’s been two full months since my spring semester at school ended and I’ve learnt that as much I would like to use that free time wisely, that is not always the case. However, I’m depending on this blog to perhaps hold me accountable. I’m not sure what I will be writing about or who will be reading but I know that blogging will not only help me improve my own writing skills but give me some valuable experience in the social media/writing/journalism world.  I’m hoping that I will post everyday and eventually develop a focus. I’m a 20 year old english student, with a strong passion for fitness, learning about the body-mind connection, and trying to grow up as gracefully as I can.